Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day After The Election

So it's the day after the election and there's a lot of talk out there.  Seems like a lot of hate too, from BOTH sides.

A friend of mine posted this today and thought it was very well said...I 'll leave you with it.  Feedback welcome.

......You haven't seen me talking about politics , you didn't see me talking about religion . Not because I don't love my country or believe in the good lord , But Simply because I respect mankind and value happiness . Why lose friendships over uncontrollable facts ? We are not all the same and view things very differently . Learn to respect one and another beyond our differences . Life is too short to waste a second. Manage to control emotions. Freedom of speech is our right but verbal abuse is a sign of ignorance . We are on earth for a very short period . Make sure that you are remembered for something great you have done . The time we waste in anger and hatred could be utilized to save lives or at least make them better . Find a bigger and better purpose . God believes in us all . Time to believe in ourselves and do better. Great attitudes precede great Opportunities ! Today gives another chance to improve , seize it ."


  1. Good point, but if we refuse to talk about religion then we aren't going "into all the world to preach the Gospel" as we are commanded. Religion and politics are touchy subjects, but I think they NEED to be discussed. They just need to be discussed tactfully and in love, which is a definite challenge, but it's not an impossible one.

  2. Agreed, Beth. I have no problem speaking religion and such, my friend just hadn't. I do agree that it should not be hate filled and there are better ways of using our energy. Thanks for the comment :)