Thursday, October 4, 2012


On my phone I have a Christmas countdown and every morning when I wake up I have a note greeting me that tells me how many days until Christmas. For those of you who don't know, there are only 81 days until Christmas.  It's crazy, I know.  I mean, where did the year go?

I went into Walmart about a week or so ago and went into the garden section and sure enough there were Christmas trees and ladies working in the aisles setting up the many rows of Christmas decor. This is what greeted me as I came into the garden section.

Seems like Christmas arrives earlier and earlier every year.  My Daddy always told me, "Don't wish your life away, the older you get the faster it goes."  Now I know what he meant. Just reminds me to make the most of everyday and not take any day for granted.

How about you? Does each year seem to pass more quickly than the year before? Are you even thinking about Christmas yet? (Well, before this post anyways ;)

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