Thursday, October 18, 2012

Busy Day

Been a busy day today and haven't been around much to blog.  Started out this morning heading to the bank to take care of some business, then off to get gas for the van.  Got home in time to make breakfast then head out again to take Josiah to drum lessons.  During his drum lessons I head to Walmart for the hour because there's no need to head home just in time to turn around and head out again to pick him up.  Then back home in time to make lunch, serve lunch, then get the little kids down for nap and the older kids doing their chores (ok, I confess, I did take a little nap too). After nap I come to the computer to take care of some business and get the kids to do some school work that they didn't do this morning because I was gone. Now I'm getting ready to prepare supper just in time to head out on another errand for Kaitlyn. She has to have a mandatory bike check in order to ride her bike on an outing through Cades Cove with her AHG troop to earn her biking badge. Then back home again tonight to settle down a bit.

So that's a quick run through of my day.  Most days it's not like this and I don't just go,go,go.  But today has been one of those days.

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