Thursday, June 9, 2011

For Real Thursdays - Looking for Encouragement

I am not a perfect mother or wife by a long shot. I don't always have the right attitude toward my husband and my children. That's why I look for ways to find Christian encouragement and keep my mind on the right track. That's where Above Rubies comes in handy.

I love Above Rubies! Their magazines give me so much encouragement. If you haven't found them on Facebook yet, you can type in Above Rubies and "Like" their page and receive words of encouragement on a daily level instead of having to wait for their magazine to come.

Here are a few examples of some of their quotes that have spoken to me. By the way, Nancy is the author of Above Rubies and Michelle heads up the Canadian branch of Above Rubies. May you find daily encouragement on your walk as a mother and wife as well.

"Showing respect can be difficult, especially when someone's actions do not seem worthy! When I am in this spot, I remind myself that my good behaviour did not bring about my salvation. If that was the case, I would fail! Yet, I am still saved by the grace of God! Surely I can show respect then, regardless of the worthiness of the actions! After all, it is the person I am respecting, not the behaviour!" Love Michelle

"The best chapter of life is the childhood chapter. The adult chapter can typically last at least 5 times longer! Savor every second that you have to watch your child move through this extra-special time! Childhood is the shortest season-LOVE every second of it!" Love Michelle

"Are there any "battles" going on in your home? I hope so! I hope you are battling all the lies of the enemy that are trying to defeat you and tell you that you are anything less than amazing and incredible! You must battle these attacks with truth! And the truth is that you are hand-picked and especially equipped by the hand of God Himself! He empowers you to win the battle and walk in truth!" Love Michelle

"People laugh at me because I see children as the answer to so many issues! Struggling with pride? Raise a child! Feeling unloved or lonely? Raise a child! Feeling like you want to do more for God? Raise a child! Struggling with finding a real sense of purpose? Raise a child! Need motivation to take better care of yourself? Raise a child! Battling selfishness? Raise a child! I could go on & on!" Love Michelle

"Sometimes a change of perspective is all you need! When Solana (1) spread toilet paper and feminine products all over the bathroom floor, my first thought was, "What a MESS!" but then as she looked up at me, I realized she likely thought it was more like ART, not mess! Ah, I love her and her art!" Love Michelle

"Are you going through a difficulty in your life? Does everything seem on top of you? Don't despair. The psalmist confessed, "Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me." Don't dwell on the problem you face. Look to the Lord and trust Him and you He will revive and refresh you in the midst of your trouble. The problem may stay, but God will help and refresh you in the midst of the problem." NANCY

"YOUR WORK AS A MOTHER IS SACRED! 1 Chronicles 9:28-32 tells us about the work of the priests. Some were appointed to look after utensils, others to mix the spices and others to bake in the pans! Hey, I thought these were priests doing holy work! Yes, they were doing holy work, but it was practical! All the menial tasks you do in the home are holy too, especially as you do them as unto the Lord." NANCY

"As a wife, it can be so tempting at times to "judge" my husband! "For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you." Rom 12:3. If the measure of faith a person has was given by the hand of God, who am I to judge? Father, please forgive me." Love Michelle

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