Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Garden Time

We've been working today to put in a garden.  It's in a new spot from previous years and we are having to start from scratch.  I picked a hill that is closer to the house that will be more easily accessible and allow ease of watering from a hose from the house.  I've been putting off starting it until I could get a tiller, but no tiller yet and the season to plant will soon be past.  So I've decided to stop waiting and do it the old fashioned way, with hand tools and a strong backbone.

The kids and I headed out early this morning  to get started.

 This is the hill with tall grass 
before we started this morning.

Since it has been raining and the grass was wet we couldn't mow it, so we got out the modern day scythe and went to work.

Christiana using the scythe (aka-weed cutter).

With Josiah's help using the week wacker, until we ran out of gas, he was able to clear enough space to start one garden bed.

I measured out four feet and cut into the 
ground and then we began digging up the grass.

 Kaitlyn, Micah, and Matthew
 Jonathan with Josiah in the background.

 Jonathan, Matthew, and Micah

 Making progress

 Kyle and Joshua
(Kyle was smiling right before I took the picture)

 We found a baby snake while we were digging.

 Kaitlyn holding the snake.
(I would only allow the ones with gloves on to hold it)

 Josiah holding the snake.

Jonathan found a beetle bug.
(I think it may be a young June Bug, not sure though)

We also found lots of worms and some grubs that we learned are baby June Bugs (Christiana Googled it).

For now we have finished one bed and we have several more to go. I'm so glad to at least be started on the garden.  It's tough work but the kids seem to enjoy it as much as I do and of course all the creatures we find while digging is an added bonus.

I'll keep you posted on the progress of our garden and more pictures will follow.

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