Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Older Kids Campout

Our four oldest kids have been asking (begging) us to let them camp outside by themselves for ages.  We have let them spend the night out on their playground when we lived in Vermont but since we've moved to TN we haven't let them.  Some of the reasons why were the weather and the fact that their younger siblings would be hurt that they weren't invited.  I understand that they wanted to be by themselves because they wanted to relax and not have to worry about watching their younger brothers, and to spend some quality time together.  I mean, even as adults we get away sometimes by ourselves just for a breather, and I believe that is healthy.  That being said, we finally agreed to let the older ones camp out by themselves last night.  

The weather was perfect for a camp out.  They made a fire and had smores, played games and just enjoyed each others company. They said it was fun, despite the fact that Christiana called me around 2:00 am because a fox was screaming in the field across the road. They had Patience, our 10 year old black lab, in the tent with them so they were fine and felt safe.

Here are a few pictures from their night out camping.
 Camp fire for Smores

 Silly kids

 So excited 

 Kids by the tent

They made it through the night :)

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