Friday, May 18, 2012

Patience, Our Dog

Yesterday we had to take our dog, Patience, to the vet to have surgery to remove a mass on her stomach.  They believe it is cancer and we are just waiting to hear back from lab results and to find out more of her condition.  In the meantime, she's home, taking it easy.  Poor thing has to wear a cone on her head to keep her from licking her stitches and she has to wear a t-shirt to catch fluid that comes from a drainage tube at her surgery site.  We take her back in a couple of days to have the tube removed and then in about 10 or so days to have her stitches removed.  

We've had Patience 10 years this fall and she is like family to us.  Even though a black lab's life span is normally 10-12 years we want to take good care of her until her time comes to leave us.  Surgery is expensive but she deserves it.  We are hoping to get a good report from the vet but we are mentally preparing ourselves for whatever news we get.  

Pray for us, especially the kids.  Five of our boys have never known life without Patience. Whether it is soon or a couple of years before she leaves us it will be difficult.  Everyone's spirits are up and we are not sitting around depressed about what's to come (we take things as they come and try not to worry about things that aren't happening). I just wanted to fill you in on what's going on in our family.

Do you have a pet that's a part of your family?

Patience with her cone and t-shirt.

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