Friday, March 19, 2010

Little Bouquets of Love

My kitchen sink

A mini vase and votive candle holder

A votive candle holder

I love spring and summer because my boring kitchen sink gets a face lift all throughout these seasons. My precious children bring me little bouquets of love, almost daily, and I lovingly display them.

Some people might consider these little vases a bother or find them always in the way, but I love them. They are little mini vases I've found, or even candle holders, that I put treasures my children bring me from outside. Some may look at them and wonder why I'm keeping weeds by my sink, but to me they are beautiful flowers sent to me from a precious little one while they looked up at me with their big, beautiful eyes and told me they love me.

It reminds me a lot of how God looks at us. Sometimes we are shy about bringing our gifts to Him because we feel they are not very good, but God sees them as a beautiful gesture of our love for Him, no matter how anyone else may see them. He loves it when we sing to Him, even if others may think we sound awful. He loves our artwork, even if it may look like primary artwork. If it comes from our heart He loves it. Think how happy our children are when we take their "flowers" and put them in vases for everyone to see. We let them know that we love them and appreciate them.

We must remember that God loves us more than we love our children and that He wants good things for us and our family. It's a good reminder to us Mom's of God's pride in us and love for us. So bring your gifts and know that you shine in God's eyes and He delights in you.

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