Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

Our goal as a family is to buy land and build our own log home from scratch. My husband took a course with the Log Home Builders Association in Washington state a couple of years ago and part of our reason for moving back to Tennessee was to find land and build. So when it came to finding a rental home we wanted to make sure that it wasn't too comfortable (because we want to make sure that we will move) and not expensive (since we are trying to save and build, debt free).

We feel so blessed to have found a 1500 sqft two bedroom home for way less than half of what we were paying for our home in VT. Fortunately, this home has an office, so that serves as a third bedroom, but even so it's still a squeeze for our family and all our stuff (not much storage). It's a cozy home and we are glad to have it but we are keeping our eye out for land. Some people think we are crazy for moving into a two bedroom with our family of nine, but it works for me :)

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