Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Joy in Serving

Matthew fell asleep in the ice cream jeep, he had walked with me and covered a lot of ground for a little guy.

Christiana helping sign up kids for VBS

Josiah and Kaitlyn handing out ice cream

Our church VBS ice cream trailer
I'm always looking for opportunities for my children to learn to serve. I want them to be so use to serving others that it is a natural part of who they are and what they do. Our church is signing up kids for our Gigantic Vacation Bible School. We take free ice cream into neighborhoods that we send buses to during the week of VBS and sign up the kids there who are planning to attend. It has been so much fun to be out there meeting kids and signing them up. My younger children ride in the back of the ice cream trailer and help to hand out ice cream to all the kids that come to them while others of us go around signing up kids.

We went for the first time on Saturday and my children loved it so much they were actually asking me to take them again. It blessed my heart that they had fun and were willing to do something that can be difficult to get adults to do. I'm so proud of my children and pray that they will come to love serving in any way that is needed. In the meantime we will be going to help with VBS sign up as much as we can until VBS starts.

What ways can you find to serve and to teach your children to serve with a willing heart?

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