Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And the Results Are...

Ok, so yesterday I had my ultrasound so that we could find out for sure if there are one or two babies, what my real due date is and if we are having a boy or girl. You see, I've been measuring four weeks further along than my due date and my mother is an identical twin and my dad's brother and sister are fraternal twins, so both my grandmother's had twins.

And the results are, we are only having one child (I'm measuring large due to the fact that this is my eighth pregnancy), it's a boy and my due date is January 9th.

So, I will get to deliver at the birthing center so long as there are no complications and we will be having our fifth boy in a row (six boys altogether) and our fourth child with a birthday in January. God keeps things interesting in our house. I'm curious to find out if anyone will share their birthday. We have one on the 5th, one on the 12th and one on the 19th and this one is due on the 9th but I generally go 41 weeks which would make this child's birth date closer to the 16th. I guess we'll have to wait and find out.

Without realizing it we have followed a J, M, J, M, J pattern in naming our boys. Our kids seem to think this next boy needs a name that starts with an M, but there really aren't too many M names left that we really like. Any suggestions?


  1. well, what are the other M's? Do they have to be biblical? Matthew, Malachi, Micah, Michael, Mark, Moses, Maddox, Martin (Luther), Max, or Miles?

  2. Leslie,
    We have a Micah and a Matthew. I had a brother-in-law named Mark that just passed away this year and my husband's half brother is named Michael. We usually like to use biblical names but there aren't too many biblical M names that we like so we may be breaking the J,M pattern, which we didn't do on purpose anyway. Thanks for your suggestions.