Monday, October 25, 2010

Internet Stomping Ground

Recently read a post by on her internet stomping ground and thought it would be fun to do mine and share it. All you do is open a browser and type in a letter of the alphabet to see what it thinks you are going to. It was quite interesting to see where I have been lately on my personal netbook. Try yours and see what are your internet stomping grounds. Here's mine: (Must have been from when my husband's computer broke down and he used mine for a while to build his website) (We are keeping a lookout for a 12 or 15 passenger van) (Our website-the one Jim was working on for my letter b) (Dolly Parton's reading promotion site) (I don't remember why I went to this site, I think there was a coupon involved) (Where we get our movies for Friday Family Night) (Looking up local corn mazes and pumpkin patches)
q-nothing (Always looking for land to hopefully build our log home on one day) (Anyone else do the surveys from the top of your walmart receipt?)
x-nothing (Had a coupon for discounted family pass so I was researching how much a family pass was to begin with)

So there you have it. It really was fun to see where I've been lately. I was a little surprised that facebook wasn't my f letter and a few others that I thought would show up but realized that if you have a shortcut to a site it won't show up in your browser as a site you've visited lately.

So what are your internet stomping grounds?

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