Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday's Tip - Hair Cuts at Home

One way we save money in our house is by cutting our boy's hair at home instead of taking them somewhere and paying someone else. With our first son, I did take him to salons to get his hair cut because I had no idea how easy it was to do on my own. After watching a couple of times (and paying close to $10), I remember thinking, I can do that. So, I bought some scissors and tried it myself, with success! I have been cutting all my little guy's (and husband's) hair ever since. Of course, now it is so much easier with an electric razor and various size shields. It really is so easy and hard to mess up with an electric razor. You can save yourself so much money by doing this yourself, especially if you're like me and have 5 going on 6 boys and a husband in your house.

Yesterday we gave Joshua his first haircut. Here are some pictures of before, during and after his cut.

Joshua just before his first haircut

Getting started

Working on the crown (Kaitlyn's hand is
out because we always save some of their baby hair)
Now for the back

The finished product :)

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