Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cleaning Clutter Before the Holidays

No tip for today, just letting you know what we are up to. With it being the week of Thanksgiving we have a lot of clutter to clean up around my house. Since we live in a small house with little storage, it doesn't take much for clutter to get started. Lately, we have been tremendously blessed with lots of clothes and I still need to do the switch over from summer to winter clothing. Besides with Christmas around the corner and then the baby coming soon after it's a perfect time to start cleaning and organizing now.

So that's what we are trying to accomplish today. If we can make a good dent in all this clutter then we plan on starting our Thankful Tree today as well (that will be the fun reward for all our hard work :) ).

Do you always have a lot of uncluttering to do before holidays or is it just me?

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