Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

Today I would like to take the time to stop and thank all of our veterans. Thank you for your service to this country. You really are appreciated.

In order to teach our children about veterans and to make sure they understand the respect that should be given to men and women who serve our country, we always try to do something special on Veteran's Day. Last year we took them to a veteran's cemetery and talked about the people who served and some who died in the military. This year we took them to the Knoxville Veteran's parade (Kaitlyn had the honor of walking in the parade with American Heritage Girls). We make sure our children show the proper respect for our veterans. They stand and place their hands on their heart during the National Anthem, they applaud and wave to veterans and thank them for their service. Since my husband served in the Navy and is a veteran himself it is very important that our children understand and appreciate veterans.

How about you? Do you teach your children the importance of showing proper respect for veterans? Do you do anything special on Veteran's Day or is it just another day for your family?

Here are some pictures from the parade today. Happy Veteran's Day!

Micah, Matthew and Jonathan watching the
parade and waving their flags.

A USAF plane flew just above the
high rise buildings right over the
parade route. Awesome!!!

Two Veterans in the parade

AHG walking. Kaitlyn is in the middle
helping to carry the banner.

Joshua enjoying the parade and waving his flag.

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