Monday, November 8, 2010

Tuesday's Tip - Bathroom Smells

Ever been training a little boy and notice that your bathroom begins to smell like urine? If you've had a difficult time getting that smell out of your bathroom let me share a tip with you. The vinegar spray that I use as a household all-purpose cleaner ( will rid your bathroom of that smell. Our bathroom has tile, so I just spray all the grout real well with the vinegar spray, let sit for about 30 minutes then mop. I also run the exhaust fan while it sits or you will choke on the vinegar smell. Make sure to spray around base of toilet and the walls as well as baseboards around toilet (or any other place you think may have become sprayed). That's it, a fresh smelling bathroom will follow (once you mop and get the vinegar smell out that is). Enjoy!

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