Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesdays Tip - All Purpose Cleaner

For a cheap, easy, all-purpose cleaner take an empty spray bottle (or you can buy a cheap empty spray bottle at Dollar Tree) add 1/4 cup of Dawn dish soap (it has to be Dawn because of the grease cutting factor) and then finish filling the bottle with white vinegar. As long as you don't mind the smell of vinegar, it's a great cleaner. I have found that it will clean things that some name brand cleaners won't. If you need something a little more abrasive but that doesn't cause damage (like in the bathtub), you can use baking soda then the spray. It works like the scrubbing bubbles you would buy and does a great job.

You will need to shake it up the first couple of times you use it but it usually mixes after that, if not then just shake it before you use it. We use it often enough that after the first couple of times it doesn't sit long enough to separate.

It literally takes just pennies to make. Hope you find this helpful and a great way to save money.

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