Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday's Tip - Chore Packs

I've spoken in the past about chore packs but I've never shown pictures of ours or how we make them work. So today I thought I would make them a part of my Tuesday's Tip because they are such a big help in getting things accomplished in my house without me constantly repeating myself and asking over and over about chores.

As you can see below they are squares of paper with their responsibilities listed on them in the order in which I want them done. In their morning packs are Bible Reading and Prayer, Getting Dressed, Putting PJ's Away, Make Bed, Brush Teeth, Comb Hair, Take Care of Buddy, etc. As they complete the card on top, they move it to the back of their pack and then their next responsibility is on top until they have completed it and so forth.

Morning Chore Packs

After they complete all their chores (I prefer to call them responsibilities) in their packs they bring their packs to me and I check them to make sure they completed everything (this part I'm still working on, I don't always check and it is one of the most important steps in making sure the whole chore pack works). Once I've checked, I change out their morning chores with their afternoon chores. I have a folder with card holders that I use to store the cards not being used at the time.
Folder of chores (notice my little pre-readers have pics on their cards)

Afternoon chores consist of things like Set the Table, Pour Drinks, Lunch Clean-Up, Vacuum Living Room, Sweep Kitchen, Pick Up Bedroom, Help with Laundry, etc. Evening chores are very similar for dinner then Dinner Clean-Up, and Pick Up Living Room. On Friday we have once a week chores like Clean Bathrooms, Vacuum Bedrooms, Vacuum Stairs, Sweep and Clean Porches, etc.

Below I took a picture of the kids wearing their chore packs, except Matthew, he was upstairs playing nicely with Joshua so I let them keep playing. But, yes, even my four year old has a pack with chores. By wearing their packs they have them on hand and are more likely to get their chores accomplished.
Jonathan, Micah, Kaitlyn, Josiah, and Christiana

I really like the whole chore pack idea. It really has made things easier on me and taken a lot of stress off of me having to constantly remind my kids of what they are suppose to be doing during chore time. I think chore packs are a great tip in helping any Mom teach her children responsibility.

If you are interested in getting chore packs for your family you can go to www.titus2.com and find them there.

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