Thursday, August 19, 2010

School Work Around the Table

As those of you who have been keeping up with us for a while know, we are renting a small 2 BR house with an office. The reason is because we want to build someday and don't want to get too comfortable and end up staying where we are. With that said we do have to work around limited space in this house.

Below are pictures of one of our school days this week when everyone was in the dining room working on written work. Most of the time there are not this many kids at the table at once but for some reason they were all working on written work at the same time this particular day. Usually our oldest daughter is upstairs on the computer working on her SOS curriculum, and at least one of the younger kids is in the living room cuddling with me on the couch reading. My two younger kids were upstairs playing in the boy's bedroom nicely (as seen from the pics yesterday) awaiting an older child to come join them.

The kids in the dining room

Jonathan and Micah

Josiah and Jonathan

Kaitlyn and Christiana who decided for some
reason not to sit at the table.

I'll continue to post pics of different days so you can see a more typical arrangement of our school day, but sometimes it does vary. I don't mind a little variety and the kids like moving around from time to time. As long as they can complete their work, it's fine with me. They enjoy going out on the front porch or sitting in the yard on blankets when the weather is fitting.

So that's how we work around our house. Do you have set areas or are you flexible?


  1. We are very flexible around our house, although I only get to see if a couple days a week as I work and hubby does the homeschooling. We have a "classroom" that is in our garage that is the central point for schooling. This room has hubby's computer, bookshelfs, a desk, and two conference tables, a couple of white boards for drawing examples. We also have a desk in our rec room and another small on in our den. If the kids are just reading, you tend to find them thru out the house...recliner, sofa, just depends on what mood they are in and how much noise the little ones are making. ;) Basically, it doesn't matter where they do their work as long as it gets done. They all know that if they need help with anything, they go back to dad in the classroom. I should take some pics at some point..I don't think I've ever done that.

  2. It's been fun doing this blog because it causes me to take ordinary everyday photos I never would have taken otherwise. I'm sure when I'm older I will cherish these pics the most.