Monday, August 2, 2010

Not Me Monday - Old Teeth, and Snow Angels

I am the proud mother of an adorable, 1.5 year old who is perfect in every way and never manages to get into anything he's not suppose to. So the other day Kaitlyn did NOT come running down stairs with Joshua calling to Jim and I in a frantic voice, only to inform us that he had a mouth full of her old baby teeth, (we keep the kids baby teeth in 35mm canisters labeled with their names so when they are older they can see their baby teeth, weird, I know, but it's what we've always done). Some how he did NOT manage to open the canister and proceed to put them in his mouth like candy. (Don't worry though, we were able to empty his mouth without him swallowing any of them, so all is well.)

My perfect little Sweetheart :)

Since we lived in Vermont for four years our children do NOT miss having a lot of snow. So Jonathan did NOT adorn himself in full winter attire in the middle of summer and pretend to make snow angels on the living room carpet. I did NOT allow him to keep playing while pictures were being taken and Christmas music was playing in the background. It is way too early for Christmas music and dreaming of a white Christmas so I would NEVER let them do that.

Jonathan getting ready to make a snow (carpet) angel

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