Thursday, August 12, 2010

Getting Ready

So it's been a busy week or two around here. I'm planning on starting back to school on Monday so we will be a little ahead of the game when the baby arrives. I usually start back the week of Labor Day but decided to start back early this year.

The past two weeks have been made up of going through clothes that need to be sorted and given away or packed away. Cleaning and rearranging the boys room. Pulling out old school books and bringing out the new ones and taking an inventory of what I need. Rearranging the dining room (also known as our school/work area). Trying to get the house in general more organized and easier to manage. Meeting my new midwife and on top of all that accomplishing regular everyday tasks such as taking care of the kids and keeping house.

It's been crazy busy and I've missed my naps quite a few times, but it's worth it now that I am getting it done. I'm still not finished though. Gotta finish the dining room, and start working upstairs in the hallway and around my sewing table. Would also like to start working on the boys quilts and a quilt for our master bedroom soon. Oh, and I have two Christmas stockings to make this year, one for my niece that was born in January and one for my little guy who didn't get one last year because I had another niece whose stocking had to be made before Christmas (think I should start early on these).

So, that's what I've been up to lately. Not very exciting, but that's the reality sometimes. Be blessed.

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