Monday, August 23, 2010

Not Me Monday - Face paint, Pugs and Lost at the Zoo

Jim and I did NOT come home from running a quick errand when we decided to surprise the kids and take them out for supper only to find this when we walked in the door.

I did NOT come home after eating out with the homeschool Mom's from church only to find that we had ANOTHER pet to take care of. I mean we only live a 2 BR house(with an office as a 3rd bedroom) with 2 adults and 7 children, a black lab, and a rabbit, we don't have room for more pets.

Cute huh? Well, this is NOT how I saw her for the first time.
We did NOT name her Pugly because she's a pug and she's so ugly she's cute.

We did NOT take our kids to the zoo the Sunday before we started back to school and lose Matthew while we were there. I mean we have a buddy system in place that keeps things like this from happening in our family.

Our little guy once returned to us.

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