Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Poor Lizard

One day last week I found a lizard on my kitchen counter. Kinda freaked me out a little at first since it was hiding under a piece of paper and the only thing I could see was its face. I wasn't sure if it was a snake or what. Anyway, we tried to catch it but it ended up escaping us and scurrying under my stove.

Well, last Thursday while at the doctor's office with Kyle for his 4 month check-up, I started getting texts about the capture of this lizard. Poor lizard didn't know what he was in for. Instead of capturing and letting him go, my kids decided to play with it for a while (FYI - it was their father who encouraged it, lol). Here are a few pictures of their "play time."

Matthew with lizard biting finger
(obviously it doesn't hurt).

Micah's turn.

Christiana's turn.

Kaitlyn wearing it as an earring.

Josiah trying it out too.

Just so you know the lizard was released outside and is fine. I think he learned his lesson and figure we won't see him again in this house EVER. Poor thing, I couldn't help but laugh at my kids but did feel a little sorry for the lizard. Maybe he'll tell his friends and they won't come in my house as well :)

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