Thursday, January 27, 2011

I'm Blessed

I am such a blessed woman. Since the birth of Kyle, I have had the privilege of spending my days and nights cuddling and loving on this precious child. He is such a wonderful blessing and I love that for the first two weeks of his life I'm resting and can spend all my time with him. Our other children come to our room climb up in our bed and snuggle and love on us as well. I love it.

It has been a wonderful two weeks and now it's time for me to start getting back to my daily routine. Not that this means less cuddle time because I will be putting my Moby and Ergo to good use.

I love being a Mom. I love that God has blessed me with eight wonderful children. I love that I get to spend my days with my children raising, loving on and homeschooling them. My life is not perfect, but who's is? I do love my life and I thank God for the awesome opportunities He gives me everyday.

Are you thankful for what God has given you, or do you spend more effort complaining rather than enjoying those blessings? May I encourage you to thank God today for your family and to give Him the glory for your blessings in your life.

How blessed I am to spend my days holding him.

The awesome family God has chosen to bless me with.

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