Monday, January 3, 2011

Baby Cake

Ever since our fourth child, Micah, was born we have made a birthday cake or cupcakes for our new baby. It is usually one that the kids get to decorate however they choose. So this past weekend Christiana went ahead and made the cake and now we have it waiting to be decorated after the baby arrives.

Once the baby arrives and the kids come home after the birth they will have something to occupy their time while waiting for Mom, Dad and baby to come home.

I love that the kids do this because it gets them involved and lets them feel like they are getting to do something special for the baby. It's always so sweet when they come into the room with the cake and sing "Happy Birthday."

So, it's still a waiting game. No baby yet, just waiting (for me this is the hardest part).
Christiana finishing the blue
layer and putting the cake together.

Now working on the white.

Spreading it all around (messy, but fun).

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