Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Oh, What a Night

Wow, what a night we had last night. Since the weather has been bad and they were calling for ice last night we decided to call the birthing center to see what their protocol was for these weather conditions in case I go into labor. So, I called and got in touch with one of the midwives who informed me that if I were to go into labor the best thing for me to do would be to call an ambulance and go to the hospital. Well, I do not have any desire to deliver in a hospital unless I have to due to an emergency. My midwife then told me that I could come in and they would check me to see if I were at a place where they could break my water and get labor started.

So, we loaded everyone and everything we needed up into our suburban and headed out. With our back roads being slushy and slippery we put the truck in 4-wheel drive until we could get to the interstate (which was clear). Once we got on the interstate, Jim put the truck back into 2-wheel drive and BANG, a huge knock was heard and smoke began to come from the rear of the truck. Apparently the trans axle (or transfer case) was shot, the truck unable to be driven. So we pulled off the road and called AAA. We also called Jim's brother, and our friend, Jane, to come pick us up so Jim could go get his Jimmy and we could head on to the birthing center.

We finally got everything settled with the tow truck and getting everyone into other vehicles and off we headed to the birthing center. When we get there, they check me only to tell me that the baby's head was bouncing and not staying in position and that they did not want to take the chance of breaking my water because it would increase the possibility of prolapse cord. They suggested that if I stick around for the next hour and walk and do squats with contractions that they would check me again in an hour to see if there were any changes. Well, an hour later, no changes.

So, they suggested that I come in for an appt. on Wednesday and if things look different then, we'll go ahead and break my water then and get labor going. They believe that it will be within the next couple of days that the baby will come so breaking my water will just be getting things started. They also suggested, with the weather, that we stay in town, so we are staying with some wonderful friends in town.

What an adventure last night turned out to be. What an interesting story to tell this little guy one day when he's older too. I suppose it's true, in a large family there never is a dull moment.

Micah trying to stay warm and
our truck with the tow truck.

Everyone hanging around by the roadside .

Needed to unload all this stuff
into someone else's vehicle.

Our good friend, Jane, who came to our rescue.


  1. What a crazy adventure! I'm glad there are folks like the Magee's out there who really live out being the hands and feet of Jesus! Good luck this week!

  2. I'm so glad you're staying in town. I've been praying and in fact had you on my mind late last night so I guess that was when you were on your adventure. I'm excited to see a photo of my new grand son in the next couple of days!! Love you