Monday, September 27, 2010

A Child's Interpretation

This morning during Bible time with my pre-readers I was reading from a Bible story book. Today I was reading about Samson and Delilah. Here is the quote that I read.

"That night Samson slept with his head in her lap. He was sound asleep. The Philistines quietly cut off Samson's long hair. He began to weaken and all his strength left. Then Delilah shouted, "Wake up, Samson. The Philistines are after you."
Samson jumped up thinking, "This is like the other times. I'll shake them off. ""

When I asked the question "What did Samson do?" Matthew raised his hand. I called on him and he began to jump up and down tapping on his chin as if thinking and said,
" He jumped up and down on his bed and was thinking."

It took me a second to realize what he said and how it related to the story. Then it hit me that when I read that Samson jumped up thinking it would be like all the other times, he assumed that Samson jumped on his bed. I couldn't help but laugh at how cute he was and at his interpretation of the story. You see, he doesn't answer questions that often and he was so proud of himself today. I loved his excitement.

I love having children and seeing the world in their eyes. It keeps life interesting and keeps us from becoming too serious as adults. God was very wise when he gave us children. They really are therapeutic in so many ways for us serious adults. Enjoy your children and have fun with them, laugh with them and understand them. It really will help you enjoy life more.

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