Friday, September 10, 2010

Playing Together and Reading

Since we don't watch TV during the week, when the kids are done with their schoolwork it's up to them to find something constructive to do. One day when the house was pretty quiet I went to find out what the kids were doing and this is what I found.

The boys were playing Candy Land together in the Living Room
Kaitlyn was reading a craft book

I was so pleased to see them working together without arguing (yes, that happens in my house, too). Kaitlyn loves to draw and make crafts so it doesn't surprise me at all that she was reading about crafts.

I love my children dearly and I realize that time passes by way too quickly not to appreciate every moment. I love that they aren't wasting their time in front of a TV and that they find more interesting things to do. I encourage you to keep games and books within reach of your children so they can access them and let their imaginations and skills flourish.
Be blessed and have a great weekend.

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