Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Ready for Fall

On our first cool weekend this month our oldest son , Josiah, decided to turn our front yard into a Fall Festival. He set out water games, a fishing game, tossing games, a wagon hayride, etc. The other kids got involved and helped by setting up a scarecrow for pictures and our oldest daughter bought candy to give all the kids after a scavenger hunt she set up for them. It was a fun day for all the little kids and I loved that they were outside doing something constructive on a beautiful day. Here are just a couple of pictures from that day.
Josiah, the mastermind behind it all

Tossing game

Kaitlyn getting Joshua set up to go fishing

All the kids dressed in costumes and had
their picture taken with the scarecrow.
Here is Jonathan as Superman (his teeth are blue
because he just finished eating a blue Airhead)

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