Friday, September 24, 2010

Sibling Bonding

I love that having a large family gives everyone the chance to learn things they may never learn in a small family. For instance, I have learned that Kaitlyn enjoys being around children. That she's nurturing and loving and very good at making them happy. Kaitlyn has learned to help with her brothers and they in turn love her for it.

Having a large family teaches children to learn to get along with all types of personalities and learn to work together and share. Some of these lessons come easier for some than others, but that's all a part of the fact that we have different personalities in our family. I love that they enjoy being around each other and playing together (most of the time), and when they get together there is a lot of laughing that takes place. In fact, just last night all the kids were sitting on the front porch having fun together and laughing. When I told them it was time to come in they were disappointed that their playtime together was over.

Kaitlyn cuddling with Joshua after
his bath before she dresses him.
I love how he seems so comfortable with her.

I look forward to hearing all the memories shared when my children are grown and come together to talk about childhood days. I'm sure there will be lots of laughter then as well.

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