Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Missed Me?

Ok, I know I've been gone for a while and looking back at my last blog post it's been longer than I realized. I honestly have just been busy with life and I haven't even been getting on Facebook as much as I use to. Since my netbook has been broken (I still haven't gotten it fixed) I haven't blogged due to not having the ease of access and ease of downloading pics and such for my blog (I like to add pictures to my posts because I enjoy blogs with pics). I'm still using the family computer, which the kids use for school and isn't available as often for blogging, and it has so much stuff on it I feel like I don't need to add more pictures to slow it down.
However, I have recently been considering starting to blog again. I would like your input though. Is there anyone out there interested in reading my blog or should I not worry about starting it up again? I do enjoy blogging. It's a great way to keep a family diary of sorts. The purpose of starting my blog was for it to be used as a ministry to bless others and to answer the daily question of "How do you do it?"
So tell me, would you be interested in my blogs and seeing on a daily basis what the Merli household it up to? Let me know, please. Thanks.


  1. Yes! I have missed you! :)
    As a mom of 5, I am always looking to other women for tips and encouragement :)
    I don't know many larger families near me, so, I like to connect across the web.

  2. Thanks, Blessed Mama :)I also link this blog on my Facebook B 4 U Ask page and the response there is very encouraging. Believe I'll be blogging again. Thanks for your response. Blessings.

  3. I have missed you Tina and have checked back time to time to see if there was anything new. I would love to see you start blogging again!