Monday, April 23, 2012

Not Me Monday - Christmas in April?

Since the weather is cold and crisp outside and the forecast is actually calling for a possibility of snow flurries, my kids are playing Christmas music. I turned the heat on for just a moment this morning to knock the chill off of the house and the smell of the heat and the music made it feel like Christmas in my house.  

I would never encourage this behavior in my house by making hot chocolate in our favorite Christmas mugs with marshmallows and having the kids turn up the Christmas music that is playing in my kitchen. Not me, I would make the kids realize that it's April and way too early for Christmas music and no way would I make hot chocolate to make it feel even more like Christmas and the winter season.  After all, it is spring outside.

 The Cocoa Latte machine that I
 "did not" use this morning for hot chocolate.

 Mugs with marshmallows

 My eyes must deceive me, surely these are not Christmas mugs ;)

 And the book I got the recipe from
surely didn't encourage a Christmas atmosphere.

Good to the last drop :)

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  1. Love it!! Your kids will have fond memories of 'Christmas in April'!!