Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

I pray that this Easter weekend found everyone enjoying the beautiful weather with egg hunts and family time and praising the Lord for the resurrection.

We spent our Saturday dyeing eggs, making cupcakes, and making resurrection cookies, after opening our last resurrection egg. Sunday morning started with Easter baskets and reading the final part of the resurrection story before eating resurrection cookies, then off to church for service and home for a big Easter meal. Afterwards, nap time (everyone was too tired and stuffed to hide eggs, so we promised to hide them the next day and everyone was ok with it), then after nap back to church then home to bed. It was a fun and busy weekend for us.

I love the holidays but I must confess I also love when the holidays are over and things slow down a bit. Getting back to our normal pace of life is always welcome after being so busy.

I will add some pictures later. We are rearranging our computers at the moment, but I will get some pictures up soon. Blessings.

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