Friday, April 13, 2012

Up Close with Nature

We have a family of foxes that live right at the corner of our yard in a drain pipe that is not in use anymore. There are seven pups with their mom and each night we watch them play (from a window inside our house, of course). It's so much fun to see them prance about, they look just like kittens or puppies playing with each other. Their mom is very protective and keeps a watch on them without being seen. She darts back and forth across the road into the dark. The pipe where they live is located right under our street lamp so we can see them well, however the mom doesn't stay in the light much. I did catch her the other night sitting at the edge of the road, she looked straight at me through the window and when she moved back into the dark I realized she had been nursing three of her pups.

I spoke to our landlord yesterday and was informed that when they built this house a mother fox and her pups were living in the same ditch. She said they didn't cause any harm and when the pups got big enough the mom moved them to the woods across the street.

So, for now we are enjoying the entertainment. We will be cautious and our landlord told us to let them know if the foxes cause any trouble and they will call animal control. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that.

Wish I had pictures but my phone doesn't take good pics when it's dark from a distance and a flash would only scare them away, but trust me they are CUTE.


  1. What an interesting experience! I'll bet the kids just love to watch them.

  2. That is the coolest! I love getting up close and personal with nature!!!