Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good News

Exciting news!  Just found out this weekend that we are expecting again!  Looks like I will be due around April 20th.  Of course those of you who know how my pregnancies know that means that this baby will arrive something more like the 27th or later.  And, as always, one of my first questions to my caregiver will be, "Is there one or two in there?" You see, my Mom is an identical twin and my Dad's brother and sister are fraternal twins so both of my grandmothers had twins.  I find it amazing that I have had eight children and no twins so far.  We shall see...

I'm feeling great. Really tired and loving naptime and having just a little nausea in the morning. I've also found that I show much earlier with these last couple of pregnancies. I'll try to take plenty of pictures to share with you.

Looking forward to sharing this special time with all of you.

"Children are a gift from the Lord; the are a reward from Him."  Psalm 127:3


  1. What great news!! Congratulations to you and your growing family!! :D