Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Picnic At Home

Last week when the weather was warm and the days were beautiful, we had a picnic. I know that most of the time when people think of picnics they picture going to a park or something, but we had one at home. Since we are down to one vehicle and my husband had it for work we just set up outside in our yard. It was a gorgeous day for a picnic and I'm so glad we took advantage of it.

So next time you want to have a picnic, don't feel like you have to pack everything up and go out somewhere. Just go out your front (or back) door and enjoy one close to home. The clean-up is sooo much easier :)

Sitting in the front yard
Micah, Kaitlyn, Josiah and Christiana
Josiah, Christiana and Matthew
Kaitlyn and Micah
Of course, Joshua was more interested with
playing in the dirt under our front porch.


  1. We do that quite a bit at our house. The kids will even drag a blanket outside in nice weather to do their school work. And surprising enough, they actually will do their work that way. ;)

  2. I love a picnic! And it doesn't matter to the kids where it is...they just enjoy the novelty of it! lol I think we may do that this weekend if it's warm. Thanks for the idea!

  3. You're welcome, Angie. I agree that picnics are great anywhere. We love them and have them as often as possible when the weather is nice. We have even been known to have them on our covered porch when the weather is not so nice.
    Vicki, what's interesting is that they seem to do their work better when they are outside. Gotta love homeschooling and the freedom to go outside on nice days and do your work :)
    Thanks for the comments, ladies.