Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Cooling Pies (What Not to Do)

Saturday I made my first coconut cream pie. I had never made one before and was quite nervous about this one since we were having company over on Easter and they would try this pie. I had the hardest time with the meringue. You see, my electric mixer broke and I had to make it by hand (this was a long process). When I finally finished with it I was so proud of how it looked.

My beautiful coconut cream pie.

So I cooled it slightly on top of the stove and then moved it to the island counter to finish cooling. Well this was a bad idea. You see, I have a two year old that likes to get up on the counter and stand. Needless to say, he stood up there to get a snack from the cabinet and stepped right in my pie.

Pie after Joshua stepped in it.

Fortunately, it was covered with aluminum foil and his foot didn't actually go in the pie itself. So I straightened it up as well as I could and put it in the fridge. Our friends loved coconut cream pie and didn't mind that it was a little mangled. Good thing too, because it tasted great. Next time I'll be more careful.

Moral of the story, or shall I say, Tuesday's Tip would be, don't cool your pie on the counter in front of the snack cabinet when you have a two year old who likes to stand there :)

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