Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Simple Swing

The weather is getting better and we are now seeing warmer days. So what is something new you can give your kids do to outside? Well, we added a simple swing to a large tree and the kids want nothing more than to be outside swinging now. It doesn't take much and brings hours of joyful outside play.

Just find a random thick board
and drill a hole in the middle.

A nice sturdy branch and good strong rope.

And "Ta Da." A rope swing.

And yes, the other day,
I even got in on the fun :)


  1. We did this a number of years ago and the kids love it. We also have taken a couple of old tires over the years and tied ropes to them and attached to a tree. They have tons of fun on both kinds of swings. :)

  2. We've got a great tree at the top of the hill behind our house that we plan on adding a tire swing to. You'll feel like your on top of the world once we get it set up. I can't wait :) Thanks for your comment.