Monday, August 29, 2011

Climbing Wall

Last night after evening service our church had our End of the Summer Cookout. Some of the things at this cookout were inflatables, a climbing wall and volleyball tournament. It's always a lot of fun and good fellowship.

Well, this year I decided I was going to climb that wall. Last time I had been pregnant and was unable to climb. So, I decided I was definitely going to attempt it, and I did. I made it all the way to the top and hit the button that sounded the alarm that I had finished. Wow, what a sense of accomplishment! I felt so rejuvenated (after my legs and arms stopped shaking, that is). I felt like I could do anything and I felt so young :) It was so much fun! Made me wonder why I don't do more things like that more often.

Everyone got in on it. Even my husband Jim tried it and made it with flying colors. Josiah and Kaitlyn both hung out at the wall the whole time and each went up about 13-15 times. Christiana made it up, her first time climbing a wall t0o. Micah made it up after his 6th try (way to get over your fear of heights. I'm so proud of you!). Jonathan made it half way up and Matthew as well, so glad they tried it. Even Joshua got to try. Little guy thought he was suppose to hold the rope with one hand. Had he realized just to let go and hang on to the wall he probably would have scaled it all the way to the top, he has no fear.

I was unable to get pictures of everyone because we took a lot of video instead, but here are just of few of the pictures we did take.

Me beginning my climb.

Joshua, with some help to get started.

Micah climbing.

Jonathan climbing.

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