Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Getting Rid of Fruit Flies

I am so excited about today's tip, and of course, it contains one of my favorite household ingredients - vinegar! So, here it is.

Ever go stir crazy because of those little fruit flies (some call them gnats) that love to hang around your bananas or any other fruit you have lying around? Well, I have found a remedy, and it works great! Take a small bowl and put a small amount of apple cider vinegar in the bottom (it has to be the apple cider vinegar, the white vinegar will not work) then add a couple of drops liquid dish soap (brand does not matter). The fruit flies are attracted to the vinegar and the dish soap changes the surface tension so that they can't fly out. This does kill the flies, they drown in the liquid. If you wish not to kill them, then use a tall glass and still only use a small amount of vinegar and no soap so that flies go down into the glass, then once you have a few in the glass cover it and take it outside to let them escape. I personally prefer to kill them so they don't come back, but you do whatever you like.

This works great! I am so excited that I do not have these pesky little things flying around my fruit, trash can and kitchen sink anymore. Put more than one bowl out in various spots that tend to attract them and catch even more faster than just putting out one. I have a picture below of a bowl that I set out by my sink. It was there less than 12 hours and look how many fruit flies I caught. I have since cleaned it out and done it again, as well as place another one around my kitchen and I'm having great success. Hope you will be pleased as well. Let me know how this works for you.

Yep, those are fruit flies in the bottom.
I placed a piece of paper under the bowl
just so you could see them better.

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