Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Tip - Packing

Since we've headed to NC three times this summer, I decided to try different packing methods each time to see what worked best. The first time I packed normally, the second time I packed each persons clothes in separate individual, labeled (Walmart) bags, the last time I packed a number of individuals clothes for a day in a (Walmart) bag and labeled them.

I think I liked the last method best. Our second trip in which we put everyone's clothes in separate labeled bags left us with what felt like a hundred bags all over the place. Our last trip we placed all the boys pants for one day in a bag together and their shirts in another bag, etc. This left us with less bags everywhere and the same accomplishment of being organized.

I do have to admit that this idea was not my own. I borrowed it from the Duggar's and it works. So the next time you're heading out on a trip try it and see what you think.

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  1. I buy zipper bags from the dollar store. I put an outfit, socks, underwear in each bag. Everything is matched and ready to go. Even the 4 year old can go to the bin and get a bag out, then get dressed. Once the bag is emptied we throw it back in the bin. I use a different bin for each person. It also makes it very easy to grab a change of clothes for each person on a day when we will be out.