Thursday, August 18, 2011

For Real Thursdays - Time Flies

Took the kids out today for a picnic at the park. It's a beautiful day here in TN and where it may be hot in the sun, the cool breeze makes the shade a perfect place to be. I cannot believe that this summer is already practically over. Seems like just last week we finished school and summer break began. Now the temperatures are beginning to SLOWLY drop and today my husband texted me a picture of some colors changing on some trees he passed while driving to his jobs. Amazing how times flies. I always have so many things planned in my head of what we will do each summer. Then before you know it, summer is over and it's time for school again.

I must admit that I do LOVE the fact that we homeschool and all those trips to the park and hiking, etc. can still be part of our plans, besides I enjoy those activities more in the fall anyway :)

It does truly seem that time is traveling faster than I can keep up with. Kyle is now 7 months old and it seems like just a couple of months ago we had Christmas. Before I know it Christmas will be here again, unbelievable.

I guess what I need to remember to do is to make the most of every day. Not to take things for granted and to remember that life is not all about me. If life is going to continue to fly by, I will just have to make it one great ride.

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