Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another successful morning

So yesterday I shared how we started getting ready in the morning by having the kids compete to see who could get ready first. Well, today I woke up to get Joshua and nurse him. After nursing him (Matthew had already come down and joined us in bed) I got up to get breakfast set. As I passed by the stairs, what would I see coming down but Josiah and Jonathan already dressed. They informed me they had already made their beds and were coming to comb their hair. I was so impressed, then Micah came down dressed and his bed made. Can I just say that I am loving this!
Needless to say Josiah and Jonathan finished breakfast and brushed their teeth and won today. It was a close call with Kaitlyn and Micah though. Again, we had plenty of time before school actually started to accomplish other things. This has become quite a stress reliever and I'm so happy to have put this into practice. Hopefully, this will keep up and my children will realize how much better their day is by starting off this way as well :)

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  1. wow, I've never thought of doing this, hmm, my wheels are turning now..