Monday, February 8, 2010

"Preserved Through Motherhood" Part 4

Above Rubies article Preserved through Motherhood by Nancy Campbell. Continued...

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
Do you feel sick when pregnant? It is the hormone, hCG, which is produced by the placenta to maintain the early stages of pregnancy. Don't despair,; try and smile for it is actually a blessing. when you feel lousy with morning sickness, remember that this hormone is helping you to prevent cancer. Johana Vanegas, M.D., a research associate at Fox Chase, revealed that rats exposed to hCG over a 21 day period (the length of rat pregnancy), are far less likely to develop breast cancer when exposed to a known carcinogen.

Estriol is a protective estrogen hormone. It is one of the three estrogens produced by the body-estrone, estradiol and striol. During pregnancy the body produces up to 1,000 times more estriol to protect teh mother and developing baby.
In one particular study, researchers compared estriol levels during pregnancy with breast cancer incidence 40 years later. Results revealed that of the 15,000 women who entered the study, those with the highest levels of estriol relative to other estrogens during pregnancy had the lowest cancer risk. As the relative level of estriol increased during pregnancy, risk of breast cancer decreased 40 years later. In fact, women with the highest level of estriol during pregnancy had 58% lower risk for breast cancer compared with women who had the lowest serum estriol levels.
Estriol has also been shown to improve EAE, MS and collagen-induced arthritis. It also has benefits for heart health, bone density and postmenopausal health.

Later - Anti-Aging and Adrenal Fatigue

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