Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I told you a few weeks ago that I would keep you posted on how my shopping with coupons is going. I have learned that I can get better deals at Kroger (since they double coupons) using coupons than I can always get at Walmart buying store brands. Now there are always some items that are cheaper and that I still make a special trip to Walmart to purchase, but all in all I can shop at Kroger for less. You have to learn what the prices are and do your homework.
Last time I shopped at Kroger I saved almost $50 using coupons and store sales. Then I went to Walmart and purchased some card games (that I had coupons for) and saved $16. That was a fun shopping day. I would, however, love to save more. I'm learning that I do need to buy a Sunday paper because there are coupons in the paper that aren't available to print straight from your computer. But there are a LOT of coupons that you can use online. I go to the blog website mommysnacks.net where every week she actually post all the sales and where you can get coupons and what your end price will be after using the coupon. I have gotten stuff free using this website. The week I saved $50 I bought "I can't believe it's not butter" for .06 and two packages of shredded Kraft cheese free, along with some other great deals. I also keep up with 5dollardinners.com to find cheap dinner meals for our family. With my family being larger than her family I spend more than $5 on some dinners but I still save in the end.
So here is another way I help to keep our budget down while we are working on getting out of debt. Every little bit helps and it really feels good when I can save :)

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