Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Preserved Through Motherhood" Final

Above Rubies article Preserved through Motherhood by Nancy Campbell. Continued... today finishes the article.

We are Preserved Spiritually
The context of the Scripture in I Timothy 2:13-15 is that we will be saved from deception. Verse 14 NEB says, "It was not Adam who was deceived; it was the woman who, yielding to deception, fell into sin. Yet she will be saved through motherhood..." The more women move away from the purpose for which they were created, the more prone they are to get into deception. Embracing motherhood keeps us in the perfect will of God. Embracing child-bearing keeps us waling in the very purpose for which we were created.
Thousands of women have been lured from the home by humanists and feminists trying to find their fulfillment in their career outside the home. They have been deceived to think that childbearing is an inferior task when all along it is the greatest mission given to them. Many women come to me after a seminar and say, "Thank you for giving me permission to be who I really want to be!"
God didn't make two Adams to go out from the home and leave the children. He made an Adam and an Eve. He planned for the mother to be in the heart of the home and embrace and nurture children. Feminists have deceived women to believe that motherhood is second-rate, yet they themselves are deceived. They are actuallly annihilating womanhood. They purport that a woman can only find status in doing what a man does, whereas a woman doesn't have to do what a man does to find her worth. She finds her worth in who God created her to b-a woman! She has been given the wondrous gift to conceive life, to nurture it in her womb and to nourish, mother and train this life.
Each new life a woman conceives is an eternal soul that will live forever.
Motherhood is an eternal career, not some earthly aspiration that will be left behind one day. Truly, as we embrace motherhood, we are saved from deception.

Nancy Campbell

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