Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Night of VBS

Beginning to decorate my VBS room

My kids enjoying the mats

Some color added to the room

City scape with a little added color

So yesterday was our first night of VBS and it all ended in a successful night and my head spinning in a whirlwind as the night seemed to fly by in a blur. I had 15 four year olds in my class. (There are two other four year old classes with just as many kids in them as well). The night did seem to fly by in a blur and as quickly as it started it seemed it was over.

Our theme this year is Hero Headquarters and we speak each night about ordinary people in the Bible being heroes for God and we want these kids to realize that they can be heroes for God, too.

With four more nights to go I'm looking forward to getting to know my class kids better and watching them grow in their knowledge of God. I'm honored to be a part of these kids lives and pray that I do my part in teaching and loving them as they deserve.

As an added note I did get home and get to bed last night and rest in this morning. I'm feeling better and ready for the day. God is good and He is our strength in our weakness. I'm so thankful to serve a living God who cares about me and the kids in this VBS.

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