Thursday, June 3, 2010

Best Laid Plans...

Wolf spider with babies attatched

Ever have one of those days when you think you've got it all together only to find that nothing goes according to plan? We did last night.

After driving into our driveway after church at about 10 til 10 we stopped to instruct the kids how we wanted things to happen once we got into the house. Those kids that were hungry were to go to the table so I could serve them a quick supper of leftovers from our Victory Group (from which I prepared the meal) and the other kids were to go straight in and get ready for bed. All the kids were to get into their PJ's and brush their teeth and then wait and come all at one time to kiss Daddy goodnight. Then everyone was to go to bed. Sounds like an ok plan right?

I head into the house, turn off the alarm, and go to my room to put my Bible away when I hear Jim calling me rather urgently to come back into the kitchen quickly. When I arrive I find Jim standing in the doorway with one of the little ones in his arms staring at a huge spider on the kitchen floor just inside the house and tons of baby spiders covering the entryway. (Ended up finding out it was a wolf spider with babies attatched, yuck!) I immediately took care of the big spider then had to deal with the baby spiders so Jim could get in the house. So now we have kids everywhere and bug spray everywhere. What a mess.

Also, our three year old is crying loudly because his ear is hurting and I need to get some ear drops in his ear so he can calm down.

We finally get everything cleaned up, bring in the food and serve the kids dinner and it is way after 10 o'clock now. Our oldest daughter had spent the night with a friend and instead of getting dressed right away she sits and talks to Daddy (totally fine, I like that).

By the time everyone finally gets changed, and brushes their teeth (no one came in to kiss Daddy goodnight at the same time either) it is close to 11 o'clock and I still have kitchen dishes to clean and the dishwasher is of course full of clean dishes that I have to put away first.

I finally get to bed it at almost midnight and I'm exhausted. Oh well, so much for well thought out instructions and plans for a quick and easy bed time.

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