Monday, June 7, 2010

VBS - Not Me Monday

I did Not wait until yesterday to make posters for my VBS class that starts today. I did Not go to Walmart after midnight because I was told that was the best time to get cardboard boxes. I did Not come home and stay up with my husband and three oldest kids until after 3 am. Once in bed I did Not bring my one year old to bed with me (because he woke up and I wanted everyone else to be able to sleep). He did Not keep me awake until 4:30 am and then get me up and 8:12 am. I am Not tired and praying for the energy to get through today :) (However, I know that God is my strength and He will help me make it with plenty of energy until I can get home and crash.) VBS is going to be great and believe it or not I'm really looking forward to tonight and meeting all those precious faces I get to spend the week with.
Christiana helping Jim with one of his posters

Jim showing how he wants it done

Me helping with one of Jim's posters

Josiah tracing

Kaitlyn and Jonathan helping

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