Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Garden Fun

So yesterday we decided to take care of some garden harvesting. Since it's still only the beginning of our harvest we are just starting to get a few things.

Picking green beans with the kiddos
Kaitlyn picking green beans

After we got back in the house we cut and cleaned our green beans added them to what we had gathered the other day and had enough to can 5 quart jars. I was so excited because it was the first time I had ever canned green beans as well as the first time I had gotten to use my new pressure canner. It was very simple and now I can't wait to do more canning.
My canned green beans (don't they look great!)

So for supper that night I decided to use some more garden goodies and we had quiche with zucchini and cheese. I also cooked up a batch of green beans that wouldn't fit into another jar for canning. They turned out great, everyone loved the quiche and asked for seconds.

Zucchini and cheese quiche

Supper plate, quiche with garden fresh green beans. Yum!

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